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A prep cook's role is to assist in the preparation of meals. Although this role generally does not include any cooking duties, it provides the ideal opportunity to develop many other skills in becoming an essential part of the restaurants profitability. The prep cooks role includes but is not limited to, following a timed schedule, salad prep, putting together items for ready use on the prep line, assembling burritos, product rotation and monitoring expiration dates, stocking coolers, food safety and sanitation, organization, equipment daily maintenance, dishwashing. Prep cooks are the building blocks of a well-oiled kitchen, doing the routine and day-to-day tasks that are needed to allow the restaurant to function in a simplified manner even at the highest volume. Masker Family McDonald's is locally owned and operated.We offer discounts on cell phones, movie tickets, and tuition assistance just to name a few.


Listening: Prep cooks need to be able to hear and understand specific instructions from the management team. R2D2 charts must be posted and followed daily, to ensure we are preparing the correct amounts of product for the allotted time frame. Physically Fit: Prep cooks will be using their hands to prepare, sort and stock food, as well as other tasks. This includes entering the walk-in cooler and freezer. Stamina: Everyone in the kitchen works long hours on their feet over hot stoves and grills. Stamina is needed. Teamwork: Prep cooks are part of a team, and in a stressful, fast-paced environment, being a team player and level-headed will help immensely.

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