Linxx Global Solutions ECS Medical Support Instructor in Gulfport, Mississippi

Linxx Global Solutions (Linxx) is looking for experienced instructors to fill positions as ECS Medical Support Instructors. Positions are located at CENSECFPR LS Gulfport, Mississippi.

Linxx is a fast-growing Government contracting company, with corporate offices located in Virginia Beach, VA and contract support offices operating in 11 locations across the U.S. Linxx is a well-run, lean company with an excellent past performance record. We are dedicated to improving the security of America and her allies through insightful analysis, creative product development, and exceptional customer service.


Instructors will perform classroom instruction involving delivery of formal course curriculum in the areas of Basic First Aid, CPR, and Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), and when appropriate, will provide certification of other personnel. Instructors shall provide for daily set-up and maintenance of all medical training aides utilized in ECS training. Instructors shall assist in classroom and laboratory preparation, including ranges and remote training sites, student administration, test proctoring, and safety procedures to avoid interruptions in the training day. Instructors shall deliver a wide variety of training topics. Instructors shall be familiar with all presentation, delivery method, testing and remediation procedures, curriculum, training aids, devices, electronic podiums, and equipment operation and maintenance procedures associated with the course or section of the course they will instruct.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledgeable in basic and advanced training techniques.

  • Knowledgeable in computer technology application as it applies to instructional presentation and the use of classroom training aids.

  • Possess above average communication skills and the ability to comprehend both verbal and written instructions.

  • Possess basic map reading skills and ability to navigate with a map and compass over unfamiliar terrain during both day and night courses.

  • Familiar with US Armed Forces standard CBRNE MOPP levels and recovery TTPs for wounded personnel in MOPP conditions.

  • Possess fitness and conditioning to support the level of instruction.

  • Capable of performing all training evolutions, including the ability to effectively complete weapons qualifications in the standing, kneeling and prone positions, and walk for long periods of time on uneven terrain during land navigation exercises.

  • Capable of passing a medical screening, psychological evaluation, drug screen and background check.

  • Present a professional appearance.

Required Qualifications

  • U.S. citizen

  • Must have one of the following qualifications:

  • Have attended the Navy Instructor Training Course (NITC) (A-012-0077) (or military service equivalent), or

  • Academic credentialing (teacher/professor), or

  • Instructor training via an academic institution. Academic ITC requirements should contain at a minimum, these Learning Objectives:

  • Effective communication and questioning techniques

  • Adult learning theory and principles

  • Instructional Delivery methods

  • Lesson delivery performance laboratory

  • Training environment management

  • Inter-personal skills

  • Evaluation and Feedback

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in providing military first aid or emergency room/trauma center care

  • Minimum of two years’ experience in conducting land navigation

  • Minimum of two years tactical military operational experience involving:

  • Basic Tactical Communications

  • Convoy Operations - Basic

  • Small Arms

  • Tactical Shooting

  • Counter Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED)

  • Mission Planning

  • Basic Tactical Movement

  • Basic CBRNE Procedures

  • Tactical Decision Making (Shoot/Don’t Shoot)

  • Minimum of two years’ experience as an instructor delivering training

Preferred Requirements Candidates with these desired skills will be given preferential consideration:

  • TCCC certification

  • Current CPR certification

  • Current Basic First Aid certification

  • Judgment-Based Engagement Training (JET) Instructor Qualified


  • Comprehensive medical, dental and vision insurance

  • 401K

  • Basic and voluntary life insurance

  • Disability coverage

  • Paid time off